Obedience and Our Utter Failure

I grew up in a dysfunctional home where obedience was never taught. Instead, conformity to the emotional atmosphere was expected. As you walked into the rooms of my childhood home you were met with an emotional wall. This wall taught you the boundaries expected based on a haunting fear of what the outcome would be. I […]

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Emptiness Series Pt. 2

I’m Empty. I know it would take a lifetime To explain this phrase to you. I would need superpowers to drain the oceans, Or a rocket to take you to the deepest of space Where not a word is spoken And earth is a distant memory. I’m Void. I know it would take a lifetime […]

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Transformational Slave Ships

I went adrift on a slave ship Only a few years ago, Taken captive by the worst of task masters He never kind, only hatred and injustice he would show. I became a vessel of dishonor Youthful passions I would pursue, Tossed about on every wave, While God’s grace I would abuse. I presumed upon […]

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Emptiness Series Pt. 1

Empty womb, empty rooms, Empty nest, Empty chest, Empty moments, empty closeness, Empty. All this emptiness I tried to fill. All this emptiness I tried to kill. All this emptiness I tried to will With all this emptiness I tried to just be still. I tried. I thought He would chase away the empty places, […]

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Website Launch Announcement

I’m so excited to share with the world a new project I’ve been working on! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but haven’t really thought about how, why, when, to what extent… so here is my little brain baby! I received some really great feedback from what I’m currently using for my […]

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Chemical responses were awakened in my body and brain. Responses I didn’t know wanted to wake up To the sound of the alarm the Holy Spirit sounded, What became a distortion of True love. My flesh lied to me. It has been since the day of Eve When she believed She was starving to death, […]

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Grief Is

Grief is The house guest that has worn out their welcome. It is The nagging wife who needs your attention and won’t stop until she                                        gets what she wants. Grief is Like that time when I […]

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